Data Fields
sc_DldEvent Struct Reference

Dld data received from device. More...

Data Fields

unsigned long long start_counter
unsigned long long time_tag
unsigned subdevice
unsigned channel
unsigned long long sum
unsigned short dif1
unsigned short dif2
unsigned master_rst_counter
unsigned short adc
unsigned short signal1bit

Detailed Description

Dld data received from device.

Field Documentation

unsigned long long sc_DldEvent::start_counter

Start pulse counter.

unsigned long long sc_DldEvent::time_tag

Data tag value.

unsigned sc_DldEvent::subdevice

Subdevice number where tdc event occurred.

unsigned long long sc_DldEvent::sum

Time of the dld event (Time coordinate) in binsize.

unsigned short sc_DldEvent::dif1

X coordinate of dld event.

unsigned short sc_DldEvent::dif2

Y coordinate of dld event.