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Stand-Alone Time Measurement System with Highest Precision

High precision time measurement using a SC-TDC-1000/04 D in burst mode. In order to increase the time resolution each event is multiplied internally by means of hardware and is measured multiple times. Theoretically, the time resolution of such a measurement is improved by a factor of SQRT(N) where N is the number of multiple time measurements of the same event. Without multiple measurement of the same event (left) the standard time bin size of 27.4ps and a time resolution (FWHM) of 70.5ps is obtained. Using multiple measurements of the same event in burst mode enables an improved time resolution of FWHM=52.1ps (for 4 burst pulses, center) and 24.5ps (for 16 burst pulses, right).

More (PDF)

First results using a DLD in combination with TEM

Measurements were performed at a beam energy of 200 keV in cooperation with Alexander Ziegler (MPI für Biochemie) and Hans Tietz (TVIPS GmbH). More (PDF)

Performance improvement for all 3D-DLDs

With the latest generation of 3D delay line detectors we have enhanced linearity, lateral and temporal resolution.