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MCP Delay Line Detectors

MCP delay line detector 1MCP delay line detector 2Delay line detectors are superior MCP imaging systems, comprising temporal resolution in the pico-second range. Our systems come with very modern readout electronics packages, enabling highest count rate linearity, extremely low dark counts, and live imaging due to the highest available data throughput on the market. A delay line detector is the ideal particle detector for temporal imaging of electrons, ions & photons for a wide application range from live 3D-imaging down to extremely low signal measurements. Some typical applications are: all kind of time-of-flight-spectroscopy and -microscopy, 3D imaging in atom probe microscopy, time correlated electron-, X-ray-, UV-spectroscopy and -microscopy, photoemission electron microscopy (PEEM), mass spectrometry, and medium energy ion scattering (MEIS). Delay line detectors are outclassing all conventional MCP/CCD particle imagers by far better reliability of the counting response, by extremely low noise as well as by a wide variation of modern gating capabilities.

Here you will find:

  • 2D/3D MCP detectors with delay line anode readout
  • 1D/2D multi channel detectors with temporal resolution
  • Multi hit capable imaging particle detectors for fast burst mode applications

Counting MCP Detectors

Counting MCP detector

We provide time resolving MCP-detector packages with superior signal-to-noise ratio due to true counting readout. These devices can be delivered in various layouts adapted to the customer's demands. Possible layouts include single or multi anodes and devices without or with center hole for applications with an excitation source behind the detector. Time resolutions down below 150 picoseconds are achieved. Typical applications are time resolved detection of particles (electrons, ions, UV-photons, X-rays) under different emission angles, time-of-flight electron spectroscopy, time-of-flight mass/ion spectrometry and scanning (backscattered) electron microscopy.

Fast Electronics

NIM CFD modulePulse Pattern Generator

All you need for calibration and fast pulse processing:

  • pulse pattern generators
  • superior constant fraction discriminators,
  • fast level converters, and many others more.

Time Measurement

imageTime to digital converter

We provide numerous electronics devices for time resolved measurement tasks requiring pico-second precision. Our ultra-fast time-to-digital converters (TDCs) have been developed in tandem with our delay line detectors and offer superior performance for detector readout and other tasks.
A NIM module TDC is also available with specifications similar to the stand-alone table top versions.

High Voltage Supplies

high voltage power supply

We offer HV-supply modules as stand alone devices and NIM-modules. Typical applications are the operation of particle optics, MCPs, channeltrons, photomultipliers and other types of particle detectors.

Miscellaneous Products and Services

electron microscopeWe offer services around the development of electron and particle optics and detection. Get an overview about our abilities in the fields of research and instrumentation development for nano-technology tools and consider requesting our support for your projects in any of these fields.

Special Offers

high voltage power supply 2We offer a selection of products in stock and remainders at reduced prices.

Currently available:

- Micro-channel plates

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