Delay Line Detectors

Detection of electrons, ions, neutrons, & photons with sub-ns time resolution.

Large Imaging MCP Detectors with Time Resolution (3D Detector Systems)

DLD6565, DLD8080, DLD120120 (customized up to DLD150150)

Large Delay line detector

Imaging DLD (MCP delay line detector)

with delay line anode area up to 150 x 150 mm². High count rates, large active detector areas, high lateral resolution, large pixel numbers (up to 10,000 x 10,000).

Typical applications: Neutron Imaging, Medium Energy Ion Scattering (MEIS), Atom Probe Microscopy (APM), Field Ion Microscopy (FIM), X-ray microscopy, X-ray holography, X-ray spectroscopy.

Delay Line Detector Brochure (PDF).

Demountable NeuView(TM) Neutrondetectors Brochure (PDF).

Small Imaging MCP Detectors with Time Resolution (3D Detector Systems)

DLD3030, DLD3636, DLD4040 (customized up to DLD4545)

Small delay line detector

Imaging DLD with delay line anode area up to 45 x 45 mm².

High count rates, small deadtimes, compact design.

Typical applications: Electron Spectroscopy, Time Resolved Photoemission Electron Microscopy (TOF-PEEM), Mass Spectrometry (TOF-SIMS, RIMS, MALDI), X-ray microscopy, X-ray holography, X-ray spectroscopy.

Additional information (PDF).

Delay Line Detector Brochure (PDF).




Please visit our partner Specs GmbH for information about the electron spectrometers used in conjunction with our delay line detectors

Line Detectors With Time Resolution (1D-2D Detector Systems)

DLD43, DLD64

1D delay line detector

Line detectors for 1D (multi channel) / 2D (multi channel + time) detection in electron spectroscopy as well as for X-ray, UV, and charged particle applications.

Typical applications: multi channel detection in electron energy analyzers, X-ray and UV-diffraction.

Application notes (PDF).

Multi-Hit 4-Quadrant DLD Systems

DLD3030–4Q (customized up to DLD6060-4Q)

4Q delay line detector4-quadrant delay line detector for parallel multi hit detection of electrons, ions, UV and X-ray with burst count rates of above 100 MCPS.

Typical applications: Particle detection with extremely high burst count rates in pulsed experiments, e.g. mass spectrometry (TOF-SIMS, RIMS, MALDI).

Additional information (PDF).

DLDs for Use with a Photoemission Electron Microscope (PEEM)


PEEM delay line detectorStandard delay line detector for photoemission electron microscopes. Delay line anode area: 36×36 mm²; mounting flange: DN63CF.

Additional information (PDF).

Interchangeable DLD - 4040 - IC

Retractable delay line detector

DLD mounted on a linear drive for in-situ exchange between DLD and the imaging unit of the PEEM. Delay line anode area: 40×40 mm²; mounting flange: DN63CF or DN100CF.
Additional information (PDF).
Application examples (PDF).

Time Resolving X-ray, EUV Detectors


X-ray delay line detector

DLD with polyimid window for the laterally and timeresolved detection of X-rays. Delay line anode area: 36 x 36 mm².
Additional information (PDF).

Customized MCP Detector Systems

Customized delay line detector

Surface Concept is an expert in custom designed delay line detectors. We can build all parts of delayline detectors (active areas, housings, mounting flanges) adapted to the customer's application.
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