Delay line detectors for time-resolved MCP imaging.

MCP detectors with delay-line anodes, pico-second detection systems, imaging and counting detectors for time resolved applications.

delay line detectors
quad-channel TDC
time resolution
NIM modules
pulse generator
high voltage module
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    Our imaging detector systems achieve continuous random count rates of 2-25 MHz (depending on the particular detector layout) and maximum equivalent count rates of above 100 MHz for short bursts.
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    Key features as in-vacuum layouts and flange sizes can be modified to meet your requirements. Detector performance like count rate and time resolution can be enhanced by available add-on options.
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    Plug'n Play.

    Plug'n play detector readout via USB 2.0, USB 3.0, or Ethernet and a stand-alone live monitor DLD-software ensure ease of use. Plugins for common DAQ software like TANGO or EPICS available.