Data Fields
sc_pipe_dld_image_xy_params_t Struct Reference

Parameters for DLD_IMAGE_XY pipe type. More...

Data Fields

enum bitsize_t depth
int channel
unsigned long long modulo
struct sc3du_t binning
struct roi_t roi
unsigned int accumulation_ms
void * allocator_owner
int(* allocator_cb )(void *, void **)

Detailed Description

Parameters for DLD_IMAGE_XY pipe type.

The size of the data unit is roi.x * roi.y * depth bytes.

Field Documentation

enum bitsize_t sc_pipe_dld_image_xy_params_t::depth

Bits per pixel in memory.

int sc_pipe_dld_image_xy_params_t::channel

Channel is used to build image. (-1 for normal detector).

unsigned long long sc_pipe_dld_image_xy_params_t::modulo


struct sc3du_t sc_pipe_dld_image_xy_params_t::binning

Image binning.

struct roi_t sc_pipe_dld_image_xy_params_t::roi

Region of interest from which image will be built.

unsigned int sc_pipe_dld_image_xy_params_t::accumulation_ms

Accumulation time.

void* sc_pipe_dld_image_xy_params_t::allocator_owner

Parameter for the allocator_cb function.

int(* sc_pipe_dld_image_xy_params_t::allocator_cb)(void *, void **)

Used to allocate memory for data. If NULL - direct memory allocation. allocator_owner field will used as first argument during the call.