Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 Croi_tDescription of region of interest to be used
 Csc3d_tSigned 3d point
 Csc3du_tUnsigned 3d point
 Csc_BlobParametersBlob parameters structure
 Csc_CmosSmootherParametersCmos and Smoother parameters structure
 Csc_DeviceProperties1Device Properties 1
 Csc_DeviceProperties2Device Properties 2
 Csc_DeviceProperties3Device Properties 3
 Csc_DldEventDld data received from device
 Csc_LoggerLogger descriptor used for debug
 Csc_pipe_callback_params_tParameters for USER_CALLBACKS pipe type
 Csc_pipe_callbacksSet of callback functions provided by user to be later called when different events, tdc or dld data received
 Csc_pipe_dld_image_3d_params_tParameters for DLD_IMAGE_3D pipe type
 Csc_pipe_dld_image_xt_params_tParameters for DLD_IMAGE_XT pipe type
 Csc_pipe_dld_image_xy_params_tParameters for DLD_IMAGE_XY pipe type
 Csc_pipe_dld_image_yt_params_tParameters for DLD_IMAGE_YT pipe type
 Csc_pipe_dld_sum_histo_params_tParameters for DLD_SUM_HISTO pipe type
 Csc_pipe_statistics_params_tParameters for STATISTICS pipe type
 Csc_pipe_tdc_histo_params_tParameters for TDC_HISTO pipe type
 Csc_tdc_formatContains sizes and offsets of data bitfields
 Csc_TdcEventTdc data received from device
 Cstatistics_tMeasure statistics. First array index corresponds to device number in a component device